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Architectural Survey

Detailed map showing existing site features: buildings, improvements, landscape, hardscape, utilities, trees, boundary lines, elevations, contours


Topography Survey

Similar to an Architectural Survey with less emphasis on improvements and more emphasis on elevations, grade, and contours


Site Plan

​​​Basic plan showing major improvements and boundary lines


Boundary Survey

Property line survey, mapping site features like fences or walls on or near the property line and/or setting survey markers on the property corners or property lines as needed


Construction Staking

​Setting points as requested via CAD files or building plans to aide in the construction of any property improvement or for grading purposes


As-Built Plan

​​A map for architects where legal boundaries are not required but a detailed plan of current site improvements in and around structures is desired to aide in re-design

Other Services Offered
  • Legal Descriptions & Easements

  • ​Prevailing Set-Back Calculations

  • ​FEMA Flood Elevation Certification

  • Lot Line Adjustments​

  • Slope Band Analysis

  • Property Consultation/Land Survey Assessment

  • Map/Blueprint Interpretation

  • AutoCAD Drafting

  • Aerial Topography


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